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The tiny island of Bonaire sits just a couple of dozen kilometers north of South America but is Caribbean through and through. Laid back, fun-loving and gloriously sunny, what Bonaire might lack in square kilometers it more than makes up for with its scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Indeed, the protected, coral-strewn waters around the island are popularly recognized as some of the world's very best dive sites; drive along the western shore of the island and watch out for the painted yellow rocks that indicate where to find them. The beaches themselves might not be as pristine nor stretch as far as those on neighboring islands Aruba or Curacao, but that's not to say that Bonaire is lacking in this respect. The sand at Sorobon Beach is as white as the shallow water is turquoise, and the beach bar is brilliant, too. Spot iguanas and parrots in Washington Slagbaai National Park, peer through binoculars at the pink flamingos on Pekel Lake, enjoy an ice-cold bottle of beer or two from a snack bar shack – when you're not windsurfing, diving or just plain relaxing, Bonaire provides you with plenty of other distractions.

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